Interior Quadra originates from the regeneration of spaces existing within a prestigious historic building, with their restoration, and the fitting out of some rooms, in a way that conserves their original architectural lines, with cutting-edge technology to deliver all the “commodités de la conversation” to the occupants in a simple and conscious way, within an uncluttered context that is characterised by proportion and discretion.

The overriding aim is to implement and to develop networking, a decisive factor in light of the present economic outlook and historical context. Networking is among the principal indicators of an ever more interconnected and globalised system.

Given these premises, our orientation is to promote the development of cooperative relationships with institutions and universities, enterprises and organisations, in order to foster and to stimulate international relations, as well as to build on and propagate stable initiatives and specific competencies.

With this awareness, Interior Quadra is expanding the concept of the “hospitality bureau” the ability of a destination to arouse interest among attendees of international congresses and meetings. Combined with this is a desire to promote event and congress tourism to the city of Rome and to encourage the holding of events in the surrounding area, utilizing Rome’s artistic-cultural heritage and a history stretching back across thousands of years.

This calls on us to implement fully developed strategies for dialogue with individual participants, to interpellate them even before their arrival and, of course, to influence and enlarge their choices once inside the city.

It is our conviction that an ‘enterprise’ cannot stand apart from the cultural context of its market, and that this interconnectivity represents a value. On this basis, a further aim of Interior Quadra is, conscious of this striking location, to provide a boost to our client’s strategies by utilising the city of Rome in a movement that goes from cultural awareness to brand awareness. And back again.